I have degrees from Oxford (MA), York (MA) and Liverpool (PhD), and I’m proud to retain an academic connection as an honorary research associate at the University of York.

Although I am entirely freelance, and have limited everyday involvement in academia, I continue to research, advise and occasionally teach within the university environment. My core research interests are: food and dining in Britain (c.1600-1960); dining style and stylistic change; gender history, particularly within the home; domestic service; site-based interpretation and best practice where related to food and dining; and the history of country houses and gardens, particularly kitchen gardens.

My PhD, completed in 2009, looked at the interplay of class and gender in influencing dining change in the 18th and 19th centuries. It also considered how such change then impacted on the organisation and mentality of life below and above stairs. During my PhD and immediately afterwards, I published several papers on aspects of my work, some of which are available on, along with the full text of my PhD thesis. I also post training papers and seminars, if there’s enough text to make them interesting.

I have largely stopped contributing to academic journals at the moment, and am concentrating instead on writing for the more general public. My more recent articles can therefore be found under the writing section.

Feel free to use the information, but do please be polite, and reference me properly.

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