Welcome! I’m Annie Gray. I specialise in the history of food and dining from c.1600 to the present day.
I'm a historian, author, broadcasterconsultant.

Food is a brilliant way to get under the skin of past societies: everyone eats, and the choices we make reflect who we are and what we believe – and that’s as true for the Georgians as it is for us today.

By exploring what was eaten, and by whom, how it was cooked and how it was consumed, we can explore a wide range of beliefs and behaviours, shedding light on everything from malnutrition among the poor, to the innermost workings of the country house.

Not only that, but I firmly believe that the recipes and techniques of the past are as exciting and relevant now as they have ever been.

Put simply – the history is fascinating, and the food delicious. What’s not to like?!

Latest News

Autumn 2022

Massively proud to be appointed an Honorary Fellow at the University of York.

Spring 2023

The Kitchen Cabinet is back on the road, recording all over the country.

You can join us - or simply ask a question - through the BBC shows and tours page here.

March 7th 2023

My latest book, The official Call The Midwife Cookbook launches.

Preorder via the usual channels, and don't forget to buy silver balls in preparation.

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