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Consultancy & Media

I am available as a consultant and researcher on all matters relating to post-medieval food and dining as well as on the use of live interpretation, in particular the interpretation of the spaces of historic food preparation and consumption.

Recent & Upcoming Appearances:

18th Feb onwards

James Martin:
Home Comforts

Cooking various historic dishes which fit each episode’s theme.

18th Feb – Comfort Cooking

24th Feb – Home Made Takeout

4th March – Prep Now, Eat Later

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February 11th Onwards

The Kitchen Cabinet
[3pm on BBC Radio 4]

Norwich (Episode 1);
Glawgow (Episode 3);
Whitby (Episode 5)
All at 3pm, Tuesdays, BBC and on podcast via iTunes or from the link below

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Annie also appeared in previous series of TKC.

April TBC

Heston’s Great British Food [C4]

Continuation of the series from Dec 2013

I’m talking tea and women and, very briefly, curry powder.

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Talks & Lectures

I am an experienced lecturer, available for both private and public talks and workshops on aspects of food and dining in the past.

Talks and demonstrations can be given in or out of costume. I am also available as costumed interpreter.

Upcoming Dates:

March 6th

Wigan Food & Drink Festival

Food of the Georgian era


March 12th

Ross-on-Wye DFAS

Victorian dining study day

March 13th

Pitzhanger Manor

Dining with the Soanes

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April 2nd

Fairfax House

A witches tipple? A history of coffee in England (talk with tastings)

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April 13th

Gunnersbury Park

In due praise of chocolate

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Here you’ll find out all about me and what I do. I’m a historic food expert, focusing on the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.