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'Victory in the Kitchen: The Life of Churchill's Cook'

With over 1000 books about Winston Churchill, it seems a tad criminal than very few consider his servants. This biography of his longest-serving cook is the first to look in depth at the life of one of the most crucial members of the Churchillian support team. Ranging from rural Hertfordshire in the 1880s through the high life of the 1930s fast set and into blitz-turn London, it's about 20th century food, Churchill's domestic set up, and the life of an ordinary woman in extraordinary circumstances.

Available now in hardback and audiobook.

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“Her life is interesting in its own right. But Gray also uses her as a lens through which to view the changing faces of both dining and domestic service over the course of almost a century...a sumptuous and well-studied biography.”

Alastair Mabbott in The Glasgow Herald

“Deliciously entertaining...”

Constance Craig Smith in The Daily Mail

“That’s just one of the tasty morsels in historian Annie Gray’s enjoyable Victory in the Kitchen: The Life of Churchill’s Cook”

Martin Chiltern in The Independent, naming it as one of six of the biggest books released this month

'From the Alps to the Dales – 100 years of Bettys'

The story of a British icon, this book charts the people who made Bettys into the lovely place it is today. It also tells how Bettys became Bettys and Taylors, the company behind Yorkshire Tea, and along the way sheds light on the changing British high street, and the food trends of the 20th century.

Click here to see me talking about what it was like writing the book (spoiler: I loved it).

Only available in hardback through Bettys by Post.

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“This is a superb 328-page, bound hardcover, with both black and white, and colour illustrations, excellently written by Annie Gray. What perhaps impresses me the most about this book is the sheer amount of documented facts which have been collected and archived by Betty's over the years. Very few businesses are so careful to preserve their history in such detail. This makes for compelling reading, and it wouldn't surprise me if this information is a requirement for all trainee staff to read and learn, judging by the impeccable standards they maintain in a world which otherwise seems to have forgotten about attention to detail.”

From Facebook

“We loved every minute of working with Annie. She produced a delightful and delicious story of our 100-year history, that’s much-loved by staff and customers alike.”

Katy Squire at Bettys

'The Official Downton Abbey Cookbook'

Published to coincide with the Downton Abbey film, this cookbook combines history with recipes as well as Downton-specific content. All the recipes are taken from books published between 1875 and 1930, and there are essays on various topics to boot.

Available in hardback now.


“Gray’s thoughtful and informed prose elevates it from mere tie-in to a truly useful work of culinary history.”

From Publishers' Weekly

“Gray’s humor and historical notes about customs make the book.”

From The Mercury News

“A must-have for fans of the show as well as Anglophiles, history buffs, and foodies everywhere.”


“The sumptuous photography in this book will hopefully allay any concerns about tackling the food from our past. I have to agree with Gray and say that anything that gets people into history, and more particularly food history, is fantastic and I think this book does this very well.”

From Sam Bilton (Comfortably Hungry blog).

'The Greedy Queen: Eating with Victoria'

A culinary biography of one of Britain's best-known monarchs, The Greedy Queen looks at what Queen Victoria ate, how it was cooked, and her relationship with food. It delves below stairs, to explore the kitchens and meet her cooks, and it sheds a whole new light on a Queen who loved to eat.

Available in hardback and paperback plus ebook.


“Gray writes with great authority, verve and confidence. It's surprising this is her first book”

Paula Byrne, The Times ›

“Wonderfully researched and entertaining”

Jane Ridley, The Spectator

“Fascinating material, extracted from the archives by some fine forensic reading”

Kathryn Hughes, TLS

“Gray's oeuvre is deeply in detail...her tone is lively, her pace jaunty”.

Cate Devine, Glasgow Herald

“Had me at the first sentence”

Nigel Slater

“Zingy, fresh, and unexpected: Annie Gray, the queen of food historians, finds her perfect subject. A book to devour.”

Lucy Worsley

“Annie Gray is a brilliant writer and scholar who brings a glorious combination of enthusiasm and greed to every subject she tackles. In the field of food history she leads the pack.”

Jay Rayner